The oficial site of the Portuguese Tourism “ITP – Instituto de Turismo de Portugal –” offers several video podcasts to guide you on your journey to Portugal. With episodes like “Relax in Alqueva”, “Romance in Cascais and Sintra”, “Caves and Dinosaurs” and many more…

You can subscribe to the podcasts with the url:

A brief FAQ of the service:

How do I subscribe to an RSS Video Podcast Feed?

(1) Download and install a Podcast aggregator, such as iTunes, iPodder, or Doppler.
(2) Familiarize yourself with how the software works by reading the program’s provided documentation.
(3) Add the address to the Podcast XML feed to your Podcast aggregator by either manually typing the address or by copying and pasting from the clipboard. (Consult your Operating System or Browser documentation for more information on copying web addresses to the clipboard).

How do I see an RSS Video Podcast after I subscribe?

How you see an RSS Video Podcast depends on your computer’s Operating System and the Podcast aggregator you are using. Seeing an RSS Podcast typicaly involves two steps:
(1) Downloading the latest video files in the Podcast to your computer
(2) Opening the video files in an video player (i.e. Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc) that is compatible with the file format. Some Podcast aggregators combine these steps into one step; however, some Podcast aggregators require that you highlight the Podcast, select Download, and then select Open/Play. For more details on how to download and see an RSS Podcast subscription, consult your Podcast aggregator’s documentation.

More help at the oficial website at: