FIL - Lisbon Exhibition FairgroundFIL’s premises are located at Parque das Nações, since the end of Expo’98. During Expo’98, the premises were used for the event, but the construction project was designed with the intent of becoming the premises for the new FIL. Project: Architects A. Barreiros Ferreira and A. França Dória. Construction: APA/Association Atlantic Park (AIP and Parque Expo).

The new FIL was inaugurated at March 13th, 1999 with Nauticampo Exhibition.

FIL organises approximately 30 fairs every year, rents space and sells technical services to Fairs promoted by FIL but also to events organised by third parties – nationals and foreigners. FIL also has a prime location, only 7 minutes from the Airport and 3 minutes from “Estação do Oriente” – bus, metro, train, taxis and ferry interchange.

The Exhibition Centre has a total area of 100.000m2.

The 4 exhibition halls, with approximately 10.368m2/each, mainly distribute 60.000m2 of the usable area of the exhibition centre.

The building is distributed by:
Floor -1: Underground Parking;
Floor 0: Grand Hall, 4 similar exhibition halls, 3 halls and 1 meeting room;
Floor 1: 3 meeting rooms;
Floor 2: FIL’s Management Services.

The Exhibition Centre has 4 halls, with over 10.000m2 each.


The interior of the pavilions is characterised by the latest state of art in metallic buildings, offering the exhibitors the optimal conditions for the assembly of all types of stands:
– wider jambs supported by only 3 pillars;
– a very high working height
(the working height of the exhibition halls is 10 m, except in Pavilion 1, where it is 15 m);
– electricity supply and thermal-fluids distribution networks;
– high capacity precision air conditioning systems;
– structured telecommunications network.

Besides the prime facilities for exhibitions and fairs, the Exhibition Centre has premises prepared for holding parallel events, such as conferences or meetings.

West End:
On the 1st floor of each pavilion there are 11 Meeting Rooms that can be hired for servicing the exhibitions. The room areas range from 7,5m2 and 38m2, with each end totalising 16,5m2.

Every room is equipped with:
– air conditioning;
– lavatories, including lavatories designed for disabled persons;
– direct access from the Parking and Exhibition Halls, by stairs and elevator; sound system for transmitting messages;
– fire detection and fire-fighting system, power points and telecommunications jacks (voice and data).

The floor is divided into 3×3 m squares to allow the assembly of stands, with the overall dimensions of 142×72 m.
The permissible loading is 2.000 Kg./m2.
The ceilings of the pavilions are fitted with a metal grid to receive suspensions and hangings.

The Exhibition Halls are also equipped with:
– air conditioning,
– fire detection systems;
– fire hoses and extinguishers;
– some extraction system;
– emergency exits;
– sound system for transmission of messages;
– lighting circuits connected to the normal and emergency power supplies and the UPS.

The technical systems that are available to the exhibitors are located in service ducts, at a uniform spacing of 6 meters, on the floor and include:
– Electrical supply
(electrical power at an installed capacity: 6.250kVA, which is the capacity necessary for a village of 1.500 inhabitants; 120 km of electrical supply cables);
– Compressed air;
– Water;
– Drainage;
– Telecommunications network for voice and data
(plugs for connecting over 12.000 telephones and 300 km of cables, including optical fiber).

Between the halls, there are large exhibition and access external areas with:
– six escalators
– a panoramic restaurant/cafeteria
(8/12m height, supported by posts).

The Exhibition Centre is served by supporting structures, such as:
– services for design of stands;
– assembly of stands;
– decoration of stands;
– renting of materials;
– equipments;
– interpreters;
– hostesses;
– indicator-plates;
– audio-visual;
– copy centre ;
amongst others.

For further accessibility, the 4 pavilions have access to the underground parking.