Portugal is a country that offers magnificent opportunities for horse riding from north to south. Organize yourself and spend some time in one of the many equestrian centers doing what you enjoy most…horse riding or come specially to participate in an event/fair or to visit a stud-farm.
If you have the chance to ride a Lusitano horse, one of the most ancient horses of history, you will confirm it’s versatility, gentleness, agility and bravery that allows him to participate in most of all contests of equestrian modern sport modalities.

You should not miss the Alter-Real stud-farm, the Queluz Palace where on certain days you have a weekly show and also daily training open to public, the historical-cultural union based by the Real riding-school of Lisbon and the new Coach Museum, allows to promote all the splendour of the lusitana academic horse and horseman-ship.

Regarding fairs, the most important one on its kind in Portugal, is the National Horse Fair of Golegã. There, you can see many horse breeders with their beautiful specimen, that’s why the best genuine Lusitanos, bred in Portugal, are traded in Golegã and then sent all over the world. Since a long time Golegã has been the capital of the horse. This fair has become the most wonderful equestrian show, with free entrance. Raids, equestrian games, contests, exhibitions, are some performances you can see in Golegã in order to present the most magnificent animal on earth: the horse.

You will have to have a certain horse riding experience to be able to go on this adventure. So decide yourself what you have in mind for a short holiday, let us know and we will do a taylor made program for you.