madeira.jpgAre you looking for a few days of relaxation and comfortable living? Then catch a plane to Madeira.

Madeira is a refined and sophisticated holiday destination, set in a spectacular landscape with a wonderful climate.

The top-quality hotels and excellent service mean that everybody feels comfortable and welcome. You’re sure to be tempted by the massages and modern therapies on offer. Why not treat yourself to a dip in one of Madeira’s spas?

Madeira is a tropical island. The Laurisilva Forest, in the Madeira Natural Park, is the largest evergreen forest in the world – a fact that has earned it classification as a world heritage site.

Elsewhere the exotic flowers and fruits compete with one another in their variety and colour. And then there’s the sea, always blue and visible from wherever you are.

Enjoy Madeira – a place of beauty, passion and romance.

Taking refuge in Porto Santo
In Porto Santo you will find sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Just two and a half hours by boat (or if you prefer, a mere 15 minutes by air from Madeira) is one of Europe’s most attractive island paradises – Porto Santo!

Surrounded by scenery that varies from kilometres of unspoilt beaches to the deep blue of the calm, warm sea, this small island is the ideal spot to escape from everyday stress.

If you love beaches, you will be in paradise. Relax on the fine, golden sands that stretch for 9 kilometres, famous for their healing properties. Swim all year round in the calm sea with its clear, warm water. Take the opportunity to try a de-stressing treatment at the new Thalassotherapy Centre.

If you are looking for a more active way to relax, the island offers a wide choice of outdoor activities – boat trips, sport fishing, diving, windsurfing, water-skiing, mountain biking or paragliding.

For golf lovers a new complex, including a golf course designed by the Spanish champion, Sevi Ballesteros, as well as a new beach sports stadium, is almost complete.

Stroll through the streets of the picturesque town of Vila Baleira and enjoy the calm and relaxed pace of life here. After a full day, relax on the promenades by the beach or in the bars and clubs scattered through the town.

Holidays in Porto Santo
If you’re looking for a high-energy break, Porto Santo, an island in the Madeira Archipelago, is the perfect place to come.

Porto Santo’s coast is ideal for water sports. Sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing are all popular. Or try sport fishing and experience the thrill of catching tuna or swordfish.

Bored of the sea? Then take to the air and have a go at paragliding or hang-gliding.

And when you’re ready for a change, head in-land on foot, by bike or in an off-roader and be amazed at the unforgettable scenery. Or hire a sailing boat for a day or more and head off to the Ilhas Desertas Nature Reserve – an area of almost 1,500 hectares where, if you’re lucky, you will even spot the rare sea wolf.

Active tourism in Madeira
Plunge into the valleys of clouds amidst the mountains, “levadas” and footpaths. Discover the treasures of nature as you explore the sea bed or breathe in the pure air that is found at high altitude.

If you enjoy a more active form of tourism, you’ll find the perfect natural conditions for such activity in Madeira, especially mountain climbing. Whether you’re trekking, rock-climbing or mountain biking, conquering the peaks of imposing and impressive mountains that rise up from the sea to the sky will certainly be an unforgettable experience for you.

On the other hand, the island’s magnificent streams are ideal for canyoning, allowing you to discover Madeira’s pure, unspoilt interior.

There is also a whole range of opportunities for enjoying sea-based sports.

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a blue spearfish or a rare white marlin, trying your hand at deep-sea fishing. Or, if your prefer, dive into the clear, unpolluted water of the ocean and discover the island’s great wealth of underwater life, or accept the challenge provided by the coastal waves of Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar and São Vicente, which are ideal for surfing. Other activities, such as hang-gliding or paragliding, are also very attractive activities in view of the island’s natural characteristics.

Take advantage of Madeira’s excellent conditions and the variety of sports opportunities available all year round, and make sure to make the most of nature.

Walking in Madeira
Discover the fantastic and exotic world of Madeira.

Plan your stay in Madeira to make sure you have chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the Laurisilva Forest, classified by UNESCO as a natural world heritage site. Walk through a forest of age-old vegetation set in the middle of the ocean, which was discovered by our navigators and has remained intact until the present day.

You can walk through the forest by following the water channels known as “levadas”, and you will discover all kinds of rare species of fauna and flora. It is said that the world’s first orchid grew here.

Refresh yourself with a swim in one of the natural swimming pools formed by the sea. And while you’re here, enjoy a good, tasty meal. The black scabbard fish is the local speciality and the tropical fruits that grow here are delicious.

Those in search of excitement can climb up to the mountain peaks of Pico do Areeiro and Pico Ruivo where they can walk above the clouds and look down at the island below.

This island has a mild climate all year round and everything is close at hand. Learn about the customs and history of its picturesque towns and villages, and don’t forget to taste the world famous Madeira wine.

Don’t delay. Book your trip now.

Family fun in Porto Santo
Porto Santo is the perfect place to bring the kids. There’s lots to do, fabulous accommodation and everything’s geared for families!

A safe and peaceful Atlantic island where you can enjoy a family holiday. Nine kilometres of fine golden sand where the children can run around and play to their heart’s content. Water-sports throughout the year. And a dry, settled climate.

Part of the Madeira Archipelago, it’s easy to get to Porto Santo by sea or by air. And when you arrive, relaxation will be almost instant.

Stroll through the streets, walk along the beach, swim in the clear waters of the ocean. Take the opportunity to teach your children sailing, windsurfing, jet-skiing or water-skiing.

Hire a bike or an off-roader and set off on an adventure around the island, passing the Pico do Castelo, the viewpoint of Miradouro das Flores, Canaveira Point and Fonte de Areia.

And don’t miss the chance to try a steak flambé or a kebab with fried corn at one of the island’s restaurants. Truly delicious.

Spas in Madeira
Feel like getting away from everyday stress? In need of a rest and a bit of pampering for body and soul? Take a few days off and reserve a room at a spa hotel in the island of Madeira.

A temperate climate, clean balmy air, the fresh fragrance of flowers, the peacefulness of an island in the Atlantic Ocean and a range of spas offering treatments for all tastes.

The island of Madeira has a number of hotels and resorts offering a wide variety of massages, face and body treatments and other treatments designed to help you relax and feel good. The spas are set in luxuriant surroundings of rich vegetation and gardens – be they in the countryside or in the city of Funchal, up in the mountains or down by the sea. Temples dedicated to health and beauty, equipped with the most modern and specialised facilities, expert staff and offering traditional and oriental techniques, yoga and hydro-gymnastics classes, to name only a few of the options from which to choose.

Pamper yourself with the champagne and caviar treatments at Reid’s Hotel or the aromatherapy baths at Choupana Hills. Succumb to the pleasure of an invigorating massage in the Ocean Park Spa or a beauty treatment at the Savoy Resort.

And after your treatment, take a walk along one of the levadas (irrigation canals) of Madeira, play a round of golf at the Santo da Serra club overlooking the sea or rest in the beautiful surroundings of the Casa Velha do Palheiro gardens.

Madeira for couples
Known as the island of flowers, Madeira has unforgettable sunsets, fantastic scenery and romantic restaurants.

The island of Madeira is the perfect place for a romantic get-away.

Wander hand in hand through the Botanic Gardens or the Orchid Gardens. Stroll through the parks at Monte or Ribeiro Frio. Explore the levadas (mountain irrigation channels) of the Caldeirão Verde and the 25 Fontes (fountains). Admire more than two thousand plant species with huge varieties of exotic flowers. Visit the Laurissilva Forest. Classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, it boasts trees such as the laurel and the white poplar, and birds such as the kestrel and the long-toed wood pigeon.

Take the opportunity to plunge into the natural swimming pools at Porto Moniz or the Garajau Natural Reserve and hire a sailing boat for a romantic trip off the coast.

For a truly gastronomic day out, have lunch by the sea in Fora d’ Água, enjoy a traditional English tea at Reid’s, sample the fusion cuisine at Choupana Hills and later try a vodka with mango sorbet at the Café do Museu.

And don’t leave this “floating garden” without toasting your journey with a glass of the famous Madeira wine at the Madeira Wine Institute.

Golf on Madeira
With a permanent spring-like climate, Madeira is the perfect holiday destination for golf lovers all year round.

The island of Madeira is endowed with the unique characteristics afforded by its natural beauty and mild climate.

The golfing traditions of this island date back to 1937, when the Englishmen Miles, Leacock and Blandy built the region’s first nine-hole golf course.

You can play on one of the island’s two golf courses, of either 18 or 27 holes, each of them remarkable for the beauty of their natural settings. An 18-hole golf course opened on the island of Porto Santo in 2004, a project designed by the famous Spanish golfer Severiano Ballesteros.

The Madeira Open, which is part of the PGA European tour, is the most important golf tournament held in Madeira each year.

Madeira is equipped with all the necessary facilities for receiving golfers with every kind of handicap, including a supply of high-quality hotel accommodation, making the island a genuine paradise for all lovers of this sport, who will certainly be amazed by the challenges provided by each hole and the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

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